François Bayrou, has been indicted for complicity in misappropriation of public funds in the case of assistants of MEPs MoDem. The mayor of Pau is weakened on several levels. His position at the head of the party could be questioned just like the very existence of the MoDem.


He will have remained nearly ten hours in the judges' office. François Bayrou, mayor of Pau and chairman of the MoDem has finally been indicted for complicity in embezzlement of public funds in the case of allegedly fictitious jobs of assistants of the party's MEPs, Friday. A dozen party officials have already been indicted, including Marielle de Sarnez and Sylvie Goulard. But now the party leader is targeted. A fragile and risky position on several levels. Europe 1 decrypts the potential consequences for the former minister.

First of all, some members of the Republic are starting to find the MoDem a bit bulky, especially in this period of negotiations for municipal. A party executive even envisioned a dissolution of the movement within En marche. Some work there behind the scenes.

A compromised party leader position

On the other hand, the Bayrou position at the head of the MoDem could be compromised. For now, no one is officially positioned to replace him. Members of the MoDem have even assured their unwavering support to the edile of Pau. But he could be forced to leave his post if he was too weak.

Finally, François Bayou has a great role in the device of the Elysee. Support of candidate Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election, he has since become a close adviser to the head of state. "It can not alter the relationship between François Bayrou and the president," said a minister this week. A relationship "subsidiary", "strong", "close" and "solid" ensured the entourage of Bayrou and relatives of the president. At the Elysee Palace, he is presumed innocent. Emmanuel Macron will also visit Pau in about ten days, a sign of support from the president.