Tax system that encourages investment in venture companies Summary was found December 6, 16:31

The government and the ruling party will make 100 million yen for venture companies that meet certain requirements, with regard to measures to prepare an environment for turning internal corporate reserves into investment, which will be the focus of the tax reform next year. When we invested in the above, we decided to deduct 25% of the investment from taxable income.

The government and the ruling party have compiled a proposal for a new system that will prepare an environment for investing the retained earnings of companies, which increased to 463 trillion yen last year, in preparation for the tax reform next year.

According to this, if a large domestic company invests more than 100 million yen in a domestic venture company that meets certain requirements, such as being listed for less than 10 years after establishment for the next two years, 25% of the amount is deducted from taxable income.

In addition, when investing in overseas venture companies, the target is over 500 million yen.

On the other hand, if a large company transfers the shares of a venture company it invests in within five years, it will not receive preferential treatment, and the investment will lead to technological innovation of both the large company and the venture company. It is said that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will confirm.

The Liberal Democratic and Komeito parties plan to incorporate these systems into the tax reform outline for next year.