Mr. Greta visits COP25 venue "Needs countermeasures now" Spain Dec 6 21:25

16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who continues to promote global warming countermeasures, is highly interested in visiting the UN conference in Spain, COP25 venue, where people can gather to see it. .

Greta, a 16-year-old activist who expanded the movement of young people seeking global warming countermeasures, arrived in Portugal on the 3rd of this month by boat.

On the evening of 6th Japan time, I visited the venue in Madrid, Spain, where COP25 was held.

Many reporters gathered at the venue, and Greta was messed up and participated in sit-down activities performed by young people asking governments in each country to strengthen global warming countermeasures.

And he raised his voice with "Need to take countermeasures now."

The area around the protest has attracted a great deal of interest, including a crowd of people looking to see Greta.

After this, Greta will participate in a protest demonstration in the center of Madrid, and it will be noticed what kind of message he will give to the world.