Dr. Tetsu Nakamura's 26-year-old book to reprint memorial December 6th 18:13

In response to the death of doctor Satoshi Nakamura in Afghanistan, Nakamura-san's 26-year-old book describing the state of activities in the field was reissued in memory.

The book will be republished “From Afghan Clinic” which describes the activities in the clinic that Mr. Nakamura opened in Afghanistan for refugee assistance.

After the book was published 26 years ago in 1993, the paperback book was not reprinted at the end of 2012, but as soon as Nakamura died, the publisher Chikuma Shobo suddenly republished it. I decided.

In the book, Mr. Nakamura is based on his own experience that international cooperation is not one-sided, but living with local people, and is based on the cooperation of those people. The

The number of inquiries from bookstores and readers nationwide has increased, so the number of copies has been increased from the originally planned 3000 copies to 5,000 copies and will be shipped on the 24th of this month.

Chikuma Shobo is making preparations such as creating a band of books with memorial texts. Director Shinbu Otake of the Advertising Division said, “Mr. Nakamura ’s I would like more people to know my aspirations. "