On the sidelines of the Madrid Conference on Climate Change, environmental activists organized a climate march to put pressure on countries present at COP25. A march of which Greta Thunberg took the lead, an essential presence for the protesters.

It was a first in the streets of Madrid. On the sidelines of COP25, young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg took a climate march alongside actor Javier Bardem in the streets of the Spanish capital, with the aim of putting pressure on the signatories of the Paris agreement .

All generations together

It is an event called by the young people that has reunited all generations for a first real walk for the climate in Madrid. If until now Spain was not as sensitive on this subject as the countries of Northern Europe, the Spaniards show that the wind is changing. Arriving by train from Lisbon the same day to take the lead of the procession, Greta Thunberg was keen to answer his critics: "There are people who want everything to stay as it is, the change is worrying them. young people bring us this change, which is why they want us to shut up. "

Greta Thunberg, "an audible voice all over the world"

Beyond conviction, many protesters came to walk to see the one that has become in a few months the symbol of the fight against global warming. "She has become an audible voice all over the world, and her presence is attracting the attention of the media," confirms Rebecca Armstrong of Europe 1. The environmental activist claims that the shouting by protesters are "more heard" alongside their figurehead.

But this does not prevent these activists from being lucid on the situation, and to fear that this COP25 is not up to the stakes.