University entrance exams Introduction of descriptive questions to conclusion within the year Minamata MEXT Minister of Science, December 5, 18:35

Regarding the introduction of descriptive questions to the university entrance examination, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) suggested that the Komeito Party consider reviewing and postponing it, but said that "I want to take it seriously" I showed an idea.

In the university entrance examination, which begins in January next year, descriptive questions will be introduced in Japanese language and mathematics.

On this day, Secretary General Saito and other members of the Komeito Party visited the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and handed the proposal to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

According to the proposal, “descriptive questions are meaningful, but issues such as whether it is possible to secure the necessary number of high-quality graders are pointed out, and the students and guardians are well understood. It ’s hard to say. ”

On top of that, the introduction of descriptive questions requires reviewing and deferring, and seeking improvement measures.

In response, Minister Ikuta said, “I would like to take the proposal seriously. Considering the students, I would be anxious if I hadn't decided one year ago. It means that the idea to issue was shown.

Secretary Saito had a press conference and said, “Because it is a serious situation for each student ’s life as a university entrance exam, we must proceed carefully.”

Liberal Democratic President Kishida “I have not heard the postponement”

The Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the political survey, Kishida, said at the press conference, “I have not heard anything about the postponement of the descriptive question. I think there will be explanations and reports to the party in advance, but I have not received it for now. "

One after another problem with descriptive tests ...

National language and mathematics descriptive questions will be introduced in the “University Entrance Test” starting in January 2021. The aim is to measure the ability to think and express that is difficult with the mark sheet method, and it has become a pillar of a new common test alongside the private English exam that has already been postponed.

The national language is limited to 120 characters, and three questions are raised, and the evaluation is performed in five stages. In mathematics, three questions that answer mathematical formulas are given and scored in the same way as mark sheets.

The challenge was how to score answers received by over 500,000 people in a short period of 20 days.

The current center tests are all mark sheets, so they could be scored by machine, but it is not possible with descriptive formulas.

Initially, AI = utilization of artificial intelligence and seeking cooperation from universities were considered, but it was postponed, and in August, it was entrusted to Benesse's affiliated company, "Academic Ability Evaluation Research Organization" by public offering. Was decided.

However, many voices of criticism came to this decision.

One is the grader's problem. This company plans to use about 10,000 people as a grader, but since it includes student part-time jobs, there was a question of whether fair or fair scoring is possible.

It also highlights the challenge of leaving the scoring to a private business. This company was informed by the university entrance examination center of questions and examples of correct answers before conducting the exam.

In addition, it was revealed that this company was a scoring agency, and it was revealed that materials introducing the company's practice tests etc. were distributed to high schools, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was protesting. It was.

Each university is supposed to use a five-level evaluation of the description formula to score each, and use it for pass / fail judgments. It has already been announced that it will not be used in principle for pass / fail judgment.