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Prime Minister Boris Johnson, December 5, 2019. REUTERS / Hannah McKay / Pool

A week before the UK legislative elections, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised on Thursday, December 6 to turn the page Brexit, lower taxes and toughen immigration rules in his first 100 days in power in case of victory.

With our correspondent in London, Muriel Delcroix

The polls invariably put the Conservative party in the lead, but Boris Johnson and his strategists do not want to take any chances, hence these bursty commitments that may be daily until elections. Brexit having been the main axis of the campaign, the Prime Minister has once again committed to achieving it without fail in late January. If he wins on December 12, his government will present to Parliament before Christmas the withdrawal agreement negotiated in Brussels.

He also plans to present his legislative agenda at the Queen's speech in Westminster on December 19th. During its first 100 days in power a Johnson government promises to reduce taxes for " hard-working families ", to legislate to further fund schools and the public health service, to introduce a new immigration system to point and toughen sentences for perpetrators of terrorist crimes.

All-out promises called " pure fantasy " by the Liberal Democrats and also taunted by Labor who recalled that after ten years in power and a drastic austerity policy, the Conservatives had mainly contributed to increasing poverty, inequalities and violent crime across the country.