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The region of Jelma, in the center west of the country, has just experienced a local episode of social tension. It was from this disadvantaged region that the 2011 revolution started. Last Friday, a 28-year-old man committed suicide by self-immolation to denounce his social precariousness. And a few kilometers away, farmers have blocked roads to denounce the crisis in the area.

His name was Abdelwehem, he was 28 years old. His suicide by the fire has pushed young people on the streets to denounce their difficult living conditions . Clashes with the police occurred several days in a row. Tarek Abdelaoui, teacher, came to support the inhabitants gathered in front of the municipality:

" Here in Jelma, there is a lack of development, lack of work. We are poor Tunisia , the center and the south. There is developed Tunisia, the north and the Sahel. There is a double speed Tunisia . We are calling for a new development policy to give marginalized regions a chance. "

A feeling of abandon felt a few kilometers away. Farmers burn tires and leave no one behind. In this disadvantaged region, olive cultivation is the mainstay of the entire economy. But if last year, its price could reach two dinars per kilo, it is only half today. Adel, a producer of olives, came to protest that the state should set a lucrative price for its harvest:

" The people here live only with olives. We buy for example meat, chicken, fish, we buy with credit. And when we harvest olives, we pay our debts. We can not live, we are stuck with the burden of agriculture. We pay the workers, we pay the ammonitrate, the phosphate, all that. We are in great famine. "

The inhabitants are hoping for a strong gesture from the new president, why not a visit to the region.

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