• Immersion: The 'recreational spies' prepare a great campaign "in the courtyards" of Catalonia
  • Subsidies: The Government gave away 3.7 million euros to the NGO that was spying on the breaks that were spoken Catalan

The PSC and the Catalan branch of Podemos conjured up yesterday to avoid bothering independence in full negotiation of the investiture. The parties led by Miquel Iceta and Ada Colau avoided supporting in the Parliament a motion of Citizens who sought to withdraw the grants granted by finger to the Platform per la Llengua , the entity that - with the connivance of the Generalitat - spied in the yards of 50 Catalan schools to check if students and teachers spoke in Spanish.

True to its usual game of balance, the PSC abstained in the vote after alleging its spokesman, Ferran Pedret, that his party is against "using the thick line to withdraw all subsidies." Only the Catalan Socialists opened to audit the aid granted, but in no case to stop watering the self-styled «Catalan NGO», which has received 3.7 million euros from the Generalitat since 2012, the year in which the procés , and that has also been generously funded by the Barcelona City Council - already with Colau in the City Hall - or by the Barcelona Provincial Council .

The supramunicipal entity continues to award discretionary grants to the Platform per la Llengua after becoming PSC with its presidency last July. As EL MUNDO revealed, the Diputación de Barcelona granted him an aid of 13,000 euros on August 22, already with the socialist Núria Marín as president after having signed his Government pact with JxCat . Thus the Socialists continued the financing policy implemented by CiU and the PDeCAT when they presided over the Provincial Council.

Catalunya en Comú did not even make up his will to continue collaborating with the Platform for the Llengua. The commons voted against the motion of Citizens to turn off the faucet of the public financing of the entity, also dedicated to betray the merchants who label their business in Spanish or to denounce the Generalitat and to indicate through social networks to employees who They use Spanish to serve their customers.

«They will never find us to attack the Catalan language and one of the associations that defend it. That's why we voted against ». This explicitly refused to stop funding the recreational spies Concepción Abellán , the deputy of the Catalan brand of Podemos.

The initiative of the orange formation would end up being laid down with the opposite votes of JxCat, ERC and the CUP and the common ones, and with the abstention of the PSC. Only the PP supported the motion of Citizens who, through its deputy Sonia Sierra , announced that she will sue the Platform per la Llengua before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection for spying on schoolchildren and teachers and using their data to prepare the report denouncing the majority use of Spanish in schools in urban areas of Catalonia. "An entity that deceives teachers and makes lists of good and bad students depending on the language in which they speak cannot continue to receive public subsidies," said Sierra. Also the popular deputy Esperanza García defended the need to reach that «political commitment».

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