“On the one hand, judges can be understood, because there were facts of pressure on the court through the press. Nevertheless, the introduction of official regulations, all kinds of restrictions and additional responsibility for the media and journalists from the point of view of the Union of Journalists may result in a restriction of freedom of speech, freedom of dissemination of information, ”he said.

According to him, some journalists who work in the "yellow" publications, sometimes, "probably write in this way about judges and trials that the judges do not like it very much."

“Nevertheless, attempts to introduce such restrictive measures, if it is suddenly, God forbid, approved and begins to work, it will simply create an environment where journalists will be afraid to write something extra about the trial, they will earn internal censorship, they will be afraid of punishment, ”said Solovyov.

Earlier, the Vedomosti newspaper reported that the Council of Judges proposed introducing media responsibility for pressure on the court.