Nasser Royce

A video clip of a diver dancing in harmony with one of the types of shark on the bottom of the sea spread widely on social networking sites and pull viewers Btrafh and harmony between the diver and shark.

The number of viewers of the video about two million in three days, and interacted with him singers and activists on social networking sites, expressing their great admiration after the diver and shark appeared in great harmony during the dance.

The shark did not refrain from continuing to dance with the diver and appeared very pleasant with him and responded to the dancing movements carried out by the diver for 33 seconds, before they separated and continue each way in the sea.

The size of the "pathogenic sharks" is large and slow in movement, and is a fish that lives in the bottom and harmless except provocation, and has been very strong and huge structure, and the length of between 75 cm and four meters.

"Pathogenic sharks" live in sandy bottoms, caves, or cracks in rocks in shallow waters during the day, sometimes moving in groups of up to forty fish, and remain very close to each other.