Ukrainian alleged “Trump President cheating” report by the US House of Representatives December 4th 9:03

The Congressional House's intelligence committee, which has been investigating the impeachment in the U.S. alleged Ukrainian, released a report summarizing the findings, President Trump put pressure on Ukraine for its own political interests I concluded that there was presidential misconduct.

The suspicion is that President Trump demanded an investigation in exchange for military assistance in July in a telephone conference with Ukrainian President Zelensky in order to obtain information disadvantageous to Democratic promising candidate Vice President Biden. It is what is done.

The information committee of the House of Representatives, who has been investigating the impeachment, released a 300-page report summarizing the testimony of government officials at a series of hearings held last month.

Among them, President Trump put pressure on Ukraine for his political interests, saying, “The president made it a condition for summits and military support that the Ukrainian publicly announces an investigation that would be beneficial for his re-election”. I pointed out that it was over.

He concludes that President Trump's misconduct was that "the president impaired the presidential election process and put US national security at risk".

The report also points out that President Trump's instructions to witnesses and government agencies to ignore parliamentary subpoenas hinder parliamentary investigations.

Based on this report, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to deliberate on the constitutional grounds of impeachment, and the opposition party and the Democratic Party are ready to prosecute impeachment by the end of this year.

White House "I cannot show evidence of cheating"

The White House issued a statement on the 3rd, in response to the publication of a report by the information committee of the House of Representatives, who has been investigating the impeachment.

“In the end of the one-sided false process, Chairman Schiff and the Democratic Party were unable to show any evidence of fraud by President Trump. This report simply reflected their dissatisfaction. "I just let them go."

House of Representatives chairperson “President, very dangerous for America”

Secretary General Schiff, who has been investigating the impeachment, released a report on the 3rd, and said in a press conference, “This is not a matter of Ukraine but our democracy and security. Should deeply care if the president is betraying their trust, ”he called for more interest from the public.

On top of that, "President Trump believes that he is not prosecuted or impeached, and that he is beyond the law. Having a ethical president is very dangerous for America." I strongly criticized President Trump.