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Multipotentialites are people who have a lot of creative skills and hobbies.When someone cares about something, they indulge in all of their prey to master it, and then reach a stage of boredom, even though they try to continue after spending a lot of time and money in this area. But he finally leaves him.

Then he cares about something completely different from his predecessor, and excites him and his tongue says finally found my lost, but he also quickly reaches the stage of boredom again, and eventually leaves this area to discover something new, and begins to devote him with all his prey, and so on.

In order for the family to be aware of the talent of a child's multiple skills, and understand the specificity of his thinking style, qualities and strengths, to surround him with the attention, support and encouragement, this report was.

A child with multiple abilities peculiarity in the thinking pattern on the parents absorbed (Getty Images)

How to be everything?
How to be everything? The title of a book by the American writer of Canadian origin Emily and your son Emilie Wapnick.

Emily is a musician, web designer, filmmaker, businesswoman and former law student. She also took the lead in spreading the term “people with multiple potentials”. Inherited the misperception of those who do not have a specific job and specialize in something.

"It's hard to live with pluralism in a society based on specialization. From childhood, family friends ask you what you like to be when you grow up. You have to give one specific discipline: a doctor, an engineer, an officer," she says. A specific specialization to study and spend the rest of your age, as well as in employment interviews, they ask you to know yourself, and specifically your specialization.

"Our community places a higher value on professionals, and I believe that instead of choosing one thing and denying the rest of our other talents, we can find ways to integrate our diverse skills, to build a dynamic, multifaceted life."

Emily continues her work through her online blog, which contains more than 600 articles on the main challenges faced by "multiple potentials".

There are ways to incorporate your child's diverse skills (pixels)

Qualities with multiple potentials
"People with multiple potentials" are people who are enthusiastic in nature, have strong curiosity and remarkable intelligence.

- They have a wide range of interests, preferring diversity rather than focusing on one thing.

- Do not tolerate boredom, and change jobs or fields of study more often.

- They reject stereotypes and follow their internal intuition, they have an internal motivation to think outside the box does not fade.

- They have a variety of projects, or are engaged in one project until it loses its glow and move to another.

- Prefer to start projects on completion and lose interest in any task to achieve its objectives.

- When they reach a goal or level of success, they decide to change to something different.

strength point

“People with multiple potentials” have an amazing ability to learn like an intellectual sponge that absorbs the world around them. Their strengths:

- Proficiency in the formation of the idea, in the sense of the ability to innovate and create creative ideas from the mix of diverse skills and multiple experiences, they are planners love to revive projects and come up with new ideas.

- Speed ​​of learning, when people with multiple potential forces interested in something they do their best in learning, the multiplicity of their experiences and adventures makes them less fear when trying new things.

- Adaptability, and Fast Company identified adaptability as the most important skill for evolution in the 21st century, meaning being able to transform into what they like to be. marketing.

- Open-mindedness, multiple skills make a person better able to see the broader effects of a problem, enabling him to make smarter and more informed decisions.

- The shift between patterns of thinking, the multiple abilities gain a person background on many different disciplines, which makes him able to gracefully switch between different modes of thinking and bring them closer.

In her book Rejecting Choice, Barbara Cher uses this talent to describe the orchestra, who knows how to mix all these musical instruments because he has an idea of ​​them all.

- People with multiple abilities know how to do many things well at once, often without the need for outside help, making it difficult to do without them.

- Influence and inspiration, the enthusiasm enjoyed by people with multiple abilities for their tasks, makes them excellent leaders who want to wrap everyone around them.

In the end, she advises Emily and your son to accept a multidisciplinary passion, saying that the world needs people with multiple potentials.