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Background: More than "G" like Google - the alphabet company network


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Mountain View (AP) - The parent company of Internet giant Google is named Alphabet. This should underline the variety of their activities. Some important letters:

C like Calico: The health company founded in 2015 is primarily intended to research aging - in order to be able to slow it down. Apart from research projects and cooperation, nothing has been reported so far.

D for Deepmind: The London-based firm specializing in artificial intelligence became known as its AlphaGo software left barely any chance for one of the world's best players in ancient Asian gaming. Deepmind specializes in self-learning AI.

F as Fiber: In the US, the Group offers under this name fast Internet access via fiber optic connections. The business needs massive investment and has been pruned at high cost.

G like Google: The search engine, the advertising business, the device business, the cloud business, as well as YouTube and the mobile system Android were bundled under the traditional name. The newly acquired smart home company Nest was eventually added to Google, as was the initially independent IT security company Chronicle.

J like Jigsaw: The think tank, formerly called Google Ideas, aims to explore, among other things, how technology can help master global challenges such as extremism or cyber censorship.

L like Loon: Years of work have been done on the large balloons with antennas to power remote areas - now the company has a commercial deal in Kenya, among other things.

S as Sidewalk Labs: Founded in 2015, the company is working on how technology can help with urban planning and city functioning.

V like Verily: In her most famous project - a contact lens that can measure blood sugar levels - the company finally gave up. Other Verily projects included a disease detection wristband and robotic surgery research.

W as Waymo: Since 2009, Google sent robot cars on the road in the US, Waymo is now building a business model. So far, the company's white minivans are traveling as Robotaxis in a suburb of the city of Phoenix.

W as Wing: As one of the first in the US, the company got a license from the aviation supervisor FAA for the operation of delivery drones. Among other things, they are being tested in cooperation with the drugstore chain Walgreens in Virginia.

X like Google X: The innovation lab, which developed, among other things, the self-driving cars and drones and balloons for the Internet supply of remote areas from the air.

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