US and French leaders continue discussions to resolve “digital taxation” conflict December 4: 8:19

The leaders of the two countries are confronting the issue of considering the addition of tariffs on imported goods from France, as the US Trump administration is targeting its own companies over the digital taxation introduced by France. He showed the idea of ​​repeated discussions to resolve the issue.

The Trump administration announced on the 2nd that France's “digital taxation” is unfairly targeting its own IT companies and will consider adding a $ 2.4 billion tariff on imported goods from France. I was strongly repelled.

Under these circumstances, President Trump and French President Macron met on the 3rd at the summit of the NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization held in England.

In this, President Macron said that digital taxation covers not only the United States but also companies in France and China, and "I think the current situation can be resolved with President Trump."

On the other hand, President Trump said, “Because it is an American company, it is the US that taxes it. Either it will be settled by discussion or it will tax each other.” , Showed the attitude toward the solution.

With regard to digital taxation, the OECD = Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is proceeding with the creation of rules, and France will stop its own taxation if rules are established.