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Kamala Harris, Senator from California, during the second debate of the Democratic primary on June 27, 2019 in Miami, Florida. AFP / Cliff Hawkins

Kamala Harris throws in the towel. The African-American senator from California announced Tuesday that she is retiring from the Democratic nomination contest for the presidential election. She was selected to participate in the next debate between the candidates.

With our correspondent in Washington, Anne Corpet

Kamala Harris caused a stir during the first debate between Democratic candidates , when she fought with Joe Biden , and told about the discrimination she suffered during her childhood. It then exceeded 10% of voting intentions. But this glory was ephemeral.

The senator from California has dropped in the polls, and finally gives up, for lack of money: " My campaign for the presidential election simply does not have the financial resources to continue. I am not a billionaire, I can not finance my own campaign. And as the campaign progressed, it became harder and harder to raise money for this race. So to you my support, my dear supporters, it is with deep regret, but also a deep gratitude, that I suspend my campaign today. "

Kamala Harris, however, is determined to remain invested in the Democratic campaign, to continue his fight for justice and to do everything to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump. The former California attorney forgoes this time to the Oval Office, but she is not done with politics. Joe Biden, leading polls among Democrats, paid tribute to him.

Kamala Harris was gone very fast, and very high (...) but she had come back down so quickly ...

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