President Trump next year's G7 summit "At Camp David" December 4, 8:06

US President Trump has announced that next year's G7 Summit will be held at Camp David near Washington.

President Trump, who is visiting the United Kingdom, is dedicated to the president in East Maryland at the beginning of the summit meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau on the 3rd, the reporters asked about the venue for the next G7 summit It was revealed that the event will be held at Camp David.

The reason was that he was close to the capital, Washington and said, “I can do great things.”

Camp David was used to invite foreign leaders who had become close friends with American presidents as a guest to hold talks in a friendly atmosphere. The G8 summit was also held under the Obama administration.

For next year's G7 summit, President Trump announced in October that it will open at his golf resort facility in Florida, but the president will benefit from the opposition and the media using the position. In response to a series of doubts and criticisms such as wondering, it was withdrawn.