In the Duindorp and Scheveningen districts of The Hague on Tuesday evening there have not been any major disturbances. Also, unlike earlier evenings, no arrests have yet been made in Duindorp. Earlier in the day, the municipality announced that it would definitively not grant a permit for the bonfires during the New Year, as a result of which the police and ME had again prepared for a restless evening.

In Duindorp a lot of police and ME drove through the neighborhood, but it did not cause riots and outdoor fires. Sometimes fireworks were fired and journalists were called names and exited. Just like previous evenings, groups of young people were on Tesselseplein.

In Scheveningen, where there were no disturbances in the previous evenings, a few outdoor fires were reported, which could be quickly extinguished by the fire brigade. In other parts of The Hague, too, a few fires raged briefly, mainly in garbage containers.

The police stopped traffic controls on the access roads to Duindorp to prevent people who did not belong in the neighborhood from being kept outside.

Acting mayor Johan Remkes visits Duindorp

Johan Remkes, the acting mayor of The Hague, paid a short visit to Duindorp on Tuesday evening. "He spoke briefly with some residents and people from the police. It was quiet in the neighborhood," said a spokesman.

Remkes intends to also visit Duindorp during the New Year. "I plan to go with the police and fire department," he said earlier in the day.

The organization of the bonfire in Scheveningen says in a comment on Facebook that they "remain militant to obtain a permit next year".

Since Saturday restless in Duindorp

On Saturday evening, the first unrest arose in the dune village, after Remkes announced that the bonfires "most likely" would not go ahead. In total, dozens of arrests have been made in recent days for throwing stones, overt violence and insult.

There were a striking number of minors among the arrested. For example, a nine-year-old child was arrested with a Molotov cocktail on Saturday.


Police recoil from fireworks in Duindorp district in The Hague