"France has a mission for the future - to equalize the balance of power of a maritime power ... We are the first maritime power in Europe ... the second maritime power in the world," TASS quoted his speech at the Montpellier event.

Macron also noted that control over the sea is becoming a major task in the modern world, and the violation of trade borders at sea is an increasing threat.

“We are creating an unprecedented and previously unprecedented potential in the maritime sphere in order to protect our territory and assume this role of a great maritime power in the global balance of power,” he concluded.

Earlier, French Defense Minister Florence Parley demanded that the United States stop imposing weapons on NATO members, and also called on European countries to create military instruments in accordance with their "economic and political power."

In an interview with The Economist in early November, Macron advised the EU to begin to control its own destiny, without relying on NATO, which is experiencing "brain death."