The French president, reiterated on Tuesday, his comments on NATO, an organization "brain dead" at a press conference, alongside Donald Trump. Remarks as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization today celebrates its 70th anniversary at a summit in London.

French President Emmanuel Macron maintained on Tuesday his remarks on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which he considered "brain dead" shortly before the opening of the summit on Tuesday. , in London, for 70 years of organization. It was in a joint press conference with Donald Trump that Emmanuel Macron confirmed these remarks. His American counterpart, meanwhile, made his disapproval earlier in the day saying Macron's words "very insulting".

"We must not question the unity and the will of the allies to defend each other"

Emmanuel Macron used these words for the first time in an interview with The Economist published on November 7, in which he called for an "audit of NATO". He subsequently confirmed on Thursday, November 26, "fully assume" his criticism on the sidelines of his meeting with NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. The latter affirmed his disagreement with Emmanuel Macron. "One must not question the unity and willingness of allies to defend one another."

On Friday, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, advised in response to the French president: "First examine your own brain death!"