Tignes (France) (AFP)

"It's still crazy to get there to change things." Olympic champion in 2016, the judoka Emilie Andeol, in a galley for a year, pushed a "coup de mueu" that stirred on Tuesday the world of sport, and supports have flocked.

Present at Tignes on the occasion of the Stars of Sport, the festive gathering of athletes, Emilie Andéol, removed tatamis since 2017, delivered her post-career sports difficulties in an interview with Parisian published Tuesday, evoking in particular the harm she had to retrain and find a job.

"It's been a year since this situation lasts and at one point it's good, it must stop and especially that this story serves, especially for the generation of Paris 2024. That my experience does not happen to others. is why I express myself, "explained Andéol at a press point Tuesday night in Tignes.

The Rio Games champion (over 78kg category) did not expect "frankly at all" to provoke such an earthquake with her testimony. "But I understand why it's talking to people, when you say Olympic champion, no job, it's not going too well together," she says.

"I notice that now everyone calls me, everyone asks me what you need + and that I would have liked to have before.I think it's crazy, and that's what I I said to myself this morning when I saw that it was getting sicker, it's still crazy to get there to change things, "said the 32-year-old Bordeaux.

- Burn out -

"Actually today I have calls from everyone, but I needed it a lot before, a year ago when I started to do the work, when I started telling people that I 'needed help actually, and I did not get it,' she continued, indicating that this situation had '' puffed her morally, physically ''.

Andéol also talked about his post-Olympic burnout. She had decided to move closer to her family in Bordeaux, leaving her job at the county council of Val de Marne.

The holder of a license in management of the organizations emphasized to have pushed this cry of alarm so that what she lived does not arrive at other sportsmen.

"The idea is not that we talk about it for a week, now it's good she told us that she has a job, because I can say it officially I have a job (since about fifteen days, Ed.) And that it stops, we move on to something else.

Emilie Andéol, a recipient of a federal scholarship, revealed that she would "work in training" with the company Ippon Technology.

"It weighed on me for a while, now it's better, I see a little bit of the end of the tunnel, things are starting to take shape, I needed to make that rant so that it does not happen again. pay attention to the champions, "she insisted, acknowledging having waited too long for an Olympic title.

But, in any case, she does not regret having been an Olympic champion, as she told the Parisian. "I may have gone a little hard, for me it's a huge pride to have been Olympic champion, I do not regret at all".

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