In the fight against hate speech on the Internet, Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht is reviewing the reintroduction of the offense "advocacy of crime", which was abolished in 1981. That said the SPD politician of the newspaper Mannheimer morning . At the end of October, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) had asked for a corresponding demand from the Union's internal politicians.

"Criminal law should always be Ultima Ratio, which means last resort," Lambrecht told the newspaper. "The question is whether you have to react to criminal offenses with somebody who commits crime - it's not a call or aiding and abetting an offense," the minister said, adding: "We are in the process of examining and looking at the former Offense exactly. "

Several internal politicians of the Union had stated in a letter to Seehofer, it was important to send "clear signals to the active Hetzer". Therefore, the "advocacy of crime" must be criminalized, as it had been previously the case. The Interior Ministry referred in its reaction to the end of October by the Cabinet adopted package of measures to combat right-wing extremism and hate crime. This also includes a planned expansion of the existing rules of the Criminal Code relating to violence and hate crime. This also includes approving, supporting or rewarding crimes.

The Scientific Service of the Bundestag had stated in the summer of 2018 that a corresponding proposal had been rejected in 1989 on the grounds that the regulation repealed in 1981 had hardly led to convictions. However, the letter to Seehofer states that the situation has changed fundamentally since then due to the possibilities of its dissemination on the Internet.