British Automobile Industry Association Top “Leaving the EU Uncertain situation is temporary” Dec. 4: 7:41

According to an interview with NHK, the head of a British auto industry group stressed that the uncertain situation surrounding the EU-European union is temporary, and that the UK's attractiveness as a vehicle production base will not change. Asked Japanese manufacturers to continue their business in the UK.

Chairman of the UK Automobile Manufacturers Association, which is made by automakers, etc., Chairman Mike Hoes visits Japan to explain the current situation and future prospects of leaving the EU to Japanese manufacturers, etc., and responds to an NHK interview on the 3rd It was.

Hoose said, “At the moment, it ’s very unstable, but no matter what happens in the UK ’s general election this month, we want to end this uncertain situation and establish a good relationship with the EU. "I am thinking" and showed that the uncertain situation is temporary.

On that basis, he stressed that “the appeal of the UK as an automobile production base has not changed”, and asked Japanese manufacturers to continue their business in the UK.

In addition, if a Japanese manufacturer is indispensable for maintaining employment in the UK, and if there is a confusion in the supply of parts that the Japanese manufacturer is concerned about, “ The government will do everything, ”he said.