Bloomberg's refusal to interview Election of Trump camp "bias" on December 3 at 10:35

Trump ’s camp, which aims to be re-elected in next year ’s US presidential elections, has revealed that American media, Bloomberg, will not give permission to cover Trump ’s election-related events. The faction has criticized that Bloomberg has been “biased” by deciding on a policy not to target candidates for opposition democratic parties, including the founder, and the ripples are spreading.

President Trump's camp issued a statement on the 2nd, revealing a policy not to give Bloomberg permission to interview presidential supporters' meetings and other election-related events.

The reason is explained by the faction: “Bloomberg has publicly declared that it is biased.”

Bloomberg, last month, founder and former New York mayor Bloomberg announced that he would run for Democratic candidate nomination for next year's presidential election. We decided a policy not to be targeted.

Meanwhile, the current administration of the Trump administration will continue to report on the investigation.

In this statement, the Trump faction criticizes the report for misinformation, and does not allow coverage unless it is withdrawn.

On the other hand, Bloomberg counters that "the criticism of being biased is far from the truth" and the ripples spread.