• Latin America: Juan Guaidó reactivates the protests against Nicolás Maduro

The scandal of the millionaire purchases of votes and political wills, both with dollars and euros, grows within the Venezuelan Parliament despite the measures taken by its president, Juan Guaidó. So far there are about ten opposition deputies noted, but the various operations launched by Chavismo predict new implications. The National Assembly (AN) yesterday formally initiated the investigation, creating an express commission that must present results in two weeks .

"They were offering me the amount of one million dollars so that on January 5 (the day when the board of directors of the AN is elected for 2020, including its president) we will vote for another of the opposition. But at the convenience of the cohabitation [with Nicolás Maduro], because the PSUV (chavismo party) will supposedly vote for him [the collaborative opposition], "deputy Luis Stefanelli of Voluntad Popular (VP) revealed on Monday.

At least three deputies from the Guaidó and Leopoldo López party, already separated, are among those investigated. Freddy Superlano, president of the Comptroller's Committee (fundamental in the follow-up of corruption scandals during the 20 years of Chavismo), has resigned from his position to facilitate the investigations of his colleagues.

The first news about the so-called "green briefcase operation" was known a month ago when deputy José Guerra, from exile, alerted public opinion that "a group of financial operators of the regime, with briefcases full of dollars, try to buy from our deputies and we lose the majority. "

The scandal broke out on Sunday with the publication of a journalistic investigation on the Armando.info portal. It revealed that a dozen legislators were involved in an operation to clean up the image of Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman whom the Venezuelan rebel prosecutor accuses of being the main figurehead of Nicolás Maduro before the Colombian Prosecutor's Office.

Saab, persecuted in his country, is one of the great beneficiaries of the import of food subsidized by the Government. These are the famous CLAP food bags, the Bolivarian version of the Cuban ration book, which has become one of the main social control tools of the revolution .

To make the environment even worse, Deputy Leandro Dominguez reported to the police the theft of a briefcase, which contained documents and 20,000 euros. Dominguez was expelled days ago from the Cambiemos party, chaired by Timoteo Zambrano, the trusted man of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in Caracas .

The commission responsible for carrying out the investigation within such a political sewer is made up of the Vice Presidents of the Legislative Edgar Zambrano and Stalin González, as well as Deputy Marialbert Barrios, one of the young values ​​of the opposition. The task ahead will be crucial to discover the deputies bought so that Guaidó stops being president of the democratic Parliament and also to publicly denounce the Boliburgian millionaires in charge of the operations.

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