The event in Märsta
  • On Saturday, November 30 at 18:41, police receive an alarm that a car has driven into the Viking Hall in Sigtuna
  • The car has driven into the gym in the middle of a youth match in handball between Skåre (from Karlstad) and Bodens BBK
  • A 29-year-old man is sitting in the car driving into the hall
  • The driver is left in the car when witnesses rush to it
  • The man was first suspected of gross drunk driving and gross negligence in traffic
  • On Sunday, criminal charges were attempted for murder
  • In the car, a car battery was found attached to the accelerator pedal
  • A piece of paper with Usama bin Laden's name can be found in the car
  • The only one injured was drivers who were lightly injured
  • Säpo announces on Monday that they are not involved in the preliminary investigation
The suspected man
  • The man is 29 years old
  • He has recently been released after a longer prison sentence
  • In 2014, he was convicted of, among other things, attempted murder after shooting another man
  • The man for multiple crimes and has served several prison sentences

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See when the car crashes into the gym Photo: Solidsport