Both the Zlatan statue and a property the football star owns in Stockholm have become the target of Malmö FF fans' anger in the past week. Last week's news of Ibrahimovic becoming part owner of the all-Swedish rival Hammarby came just a month after the statue was inaugurated outside the Stadium, and was not well received by the Malmö supporters.

As early as the Hammarby news broke, the statue was damaged: a toilet seat was hung over one arm, a seat bag was piled overhead, and racist insults were scrawled next to the statue.

The leisure management in Malmö then decided on special surveillance and in connection with it put up a fence around the statue, which was also decontaminated. On Thursday, after MFF's match against Dynamo Kiev, the fence was removed and now the extra surveillance is also withdrawn, says Malin Tykesson, head of communications at the leisure administration, to Kvällsposten.