Monday evening for the third evening in a row it is restless in the Duindorp district of The Hague, where the ME is visibly present. Small fires have also been detected.

Thirteen people have already been arrested on Sunday, most of whom are minors. Among other things, a child of nine was arrested because he was walking around with a molotov cocktail.

"We keep a close eye on everything", a police spokesperson said in conversation with The police have deployed more officers as a preventative measure.

It has been uneasy in Duindorp since the municipality announced last week that there will probably be no bonfires in Scheveningen and Duindorp.

Social media reports about the unrest, including images of a small fire next to a church.

The fire brigade states to that so far one small outdoor fire has been reported in Duindorp. This has since been extinguished. The fire brigade could not yet say whether the fire was lit.

Image of smoke in Duindorp Monday evening (Image: Regio15)