The CFDT has called its troops to stop work from the evening of December 4, but the union does not join the "wall" of December 5 for as much, explains on Europe 1 Didier Aubert, the secretary general of the federation CFDT Cheminots.

After many other trade unions, the CFDT Cheminots in turn calls for the December 5th strike. A decision taken Monday at the beginning of the afternoon after a conference call with all regions motivated by the lack of "news since Friday", indicates the microphone of Europe 1 Didier Aubert, the Secretary General of the CFDT Cheminots federation.

A call to strike ...

"Obviously, the government wants to pay to see what is in the game, so it is the choice of mobilization rather than negotiation upstream, which is harmful," regrets the unionist. "So we call to strike from the evening of 4, for a renewable notice".

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However, as explained to Europe 1 Didier Aubert, the CFDT does not join the other trade unions: "The CFDT has its own demands, it is not a call against the pension reform, it is a call on the basis of LDCF claims that aim to reassure railway workers of a reform that may bring special schemes back into action. "

... but no common cause

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"This is not the same basis of claims as the others," he adds. Before concluding: "We have a common date, but we have our own strike notice, and we will negotiate on the basis of the demands of the CFDT."