Mr. Grossi, IAEA Executive Director, takes office on December 3 at 6:34

IAEA called “nuclear guard” = Grossi from Argentina took office as the new secretary of the International Atomic Energy Agency on the 3rd. You will be responsible for difficult steering such as development problems.

The IAEA in Vienna, Austria, elected Argentinian diplomat Rafael Grossi in the election to decide to replace Secretary-General Nomiya Amano, who died in July. Approved by the Deputy Secretary General.

Mr. Grossi is 58 years old. An expert on nuclear disarmament who served as the IAEA ambassador in Vienna, and became the first secretary general from South America.

After approval, Grossi's new secretary-general spoke and stated that "Only IAEA can reliably ensure that nuclear material is not diverted to nuclear weapons," indicating its commitment to tackling nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. .

As for the global nuclear issue, Iran will gradually strengthen its core development in opposition to the United States, and the nuclear agreement will be shaped, and North Korea will conduct a new nuclear test because denuclearization negotiations have not progressed. Suggests the possibility.

As the environment surrounding the nuclear development issue becomes more severe, Grossi's new secretary general, who will be inaugurated on the 3rd, will be in charge of difficult steering during the four-year term as the head of the "nuclear guard".