The Mobile Unit (ME) was deployed on Sunday evening in the Duindorp district of The Hague after a group of people had barricaded the road, started fires and destroyed vehicles.

Because of the danger for the emergency services, it was decided to use the ME instead of the fire brigade to extinguish the fires. Packed with sticks and helmets they were able to disperse the troublemakers. It is not clear whether anyone has been arrested.

The ME has removed the barricades. A scooter and a passenger car were damaged. It was reportedly quiet again around 11.50 p.m.

Why the disturbances took place is not yet clear. The unrest might have arisen after last week's announcement that there will probably be no bonfires this year.

No professional organization

The organization behind the bonfire in Duindorp decided on Friday to pull the plug from the event. Earlier the municipality announced that there will probably be no bonfires during the coming New Year. According to the municipality of The Hague, a professional organization is lacking.

During the last New Year, the bonfires in Scheveningen and Duindorp turned out to be higher than allowed. A spark of rain arose that damaged many homes and other properties. The municipality of The Hague has failed to intervene, as was later revealed in a report by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV). This eventually led to the resignation of the then mayor Pauline Krikke.

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