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Mapuche and Palestinians: Chile is a testing ground for Israeli weapons


The human rights abuses committed by the current Chilean government against protesters are based on Israeli military techniques and surveillance, the French website Orin21 said, noting that the militarization and criminalization of Chilean resistance has its roots in the anti-terrorism laws adopted by the regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet.

The Chilean people protested against right-wing President Sebastian Pinera and demanded his resignation and the drafting of a new constitution to get rid of the legacy of dictator Augusto Pinochet, but the state of emergency and curfew that faced the protesters brought memory to repression.

According to the French website, Chilean governments on the right and left have not abandoned the military and judicial legacy of the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990) in suppressing the Mapuche Indian communities with the support of Israel, similar to what is happening there with the suppression of Palestinian resistance by Israel.

The means of civilians in Gaza and Chile are similar (Anatolia)
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Pinochet managed to maintain relations with Israel and the Arab states at the same time because he avoided adopting a "clear position on controversial issues in the Middle East" and post-dictatorial governments pursued his approach of duplication.

After the 1973 war and the severance of diplomatic relations by African countries, Israel found alternative partners in US-backed military dictatorships in Latin America, especially Chile, which recognized Israel in 1949 and which, under pressure from the international community, compelled the United States. To a 1976 arms embargo, even though it funded Pinochet.

Israel made Chile one of the biggest buyers of its weapons in the region, selling between 1975 and 1988, according to a declassified CIA document, radar systems, air-to-air missiles, naval equipment, aviation systems and missiles.

One of the reasons behind Pinochet's choice of Israel - apart from its sophisticated weapons and admiration for its army - is that "Tel Aviv did not have any political conditions for sales."

Ironically, it is Israel, which declares its support for the return of democracy to Chile, as the site says - it was the same who provided weapons to the dictatorship during Operation Condor, which arranged right-wing dictatorships in Latin America to exterminate leftist opponents.

Although relations between Israel and Chile are no longer hidden, Israel maintains "defense secrecy" over relations that existed between the two countries during the dictatorship. Two people from Chile launched legal proceedings in 2016 to publish documents that would reveal Israel's cooperation with Pinochet, to show Extent of its involvement with the dictatorship that ruled Chile.

Comparable laws

Despite the fall of the dictatorship, Chilean governments have retained Pinochet's constitution, including the 1984 anti-terrorism laws he used to prolong arrests without legal action, and center-right governments have used them against Mapuche communities.

The website likened these laws to the administrative detentions Israel uses against Palestinians to hold them without charge or trial, and said the criminalization of the Mapuche resistance is reminiscent of Israel's repression of Palestinian resistance, where indigenous communities face the same struggle and oppression.

Chilean governments have used Israeli surveillance techniques against Mapuche communities and brought to the country air technology used by Israel to bomb Gaza, including white phosphorus munitions.

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Proven weapons

Orin 21 warned that Israel trades its weapons and technologies using a sticker with the words "Tested on the Field", noting that the Palestinians in Gaza represent a field to test this military technology on humans for Israel.

On this basis, the website considers that any government that buys weapons from Israel is complicit in the aggression against the Palestinians, commenting that the aggression in Chile seems more evil, because it reproduces Israel's repression of the Palestinian struggle to suppress the Mapuche peoples.

Israel's violence against the Palestinian struggle, which has made Gaza a permanent arena for military testing, has given it a special advantage in selling technology to governments determined to crack down on its citizens. "Field testing" is the euphemism used by the Israeli Defense Ministry, the ultimate form of dehumanization. Palestinian citizens.

What is happening in Palestine is comparable to the cleansing of Mapuche in Chile, which means that the normalization of colonialism and neo-liberalism at the international level perpetuates human rights violations against indigenous peoples without punishing their perpetrators.

Source: aljazeera

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