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Large passenger bus crash in Tunisia and Russia


One day, a large bus crashed in Tunisia in North Africa and East Siberia in Russia, killing many passengers.

Large-sized bus fall accident in Tunisia and Russia Many passenger deaths December 2 9:39

A large bus crashed one day in Tunisia in North Africa and East Siberia in Russia, killing many passengers.

One day in the northwestern part of Tunisia, a large sightseeing bus with 43 passengers traveled on a winding road, breaking through the guardrail and falling from the cliff to the valley floor.

According to Tunisia's state-run news, the Ministry of Health has reported that 24 people have been killed and 18 injured so far.

According to multiple media, all the people on the bus were Tunisian.

In the video from the local area, you can see that the bus that fell to the bottom of the valley broke down and the seats were thrown into the river flowing nearby.

The man who witnessed the accident said, “There are often big accidents on this road. It is necessary to consider measures to prevent further accidents.”

Also, in the Zabaykal region in Eastern Siberia, Russia, a large bus headed for Chita, the central city, fell from the top of the bridge to a frozen river.

According to the local government, there were about 40 passengers and drivers on board the bus at the time, and 19 people were killed and 21 people were injured in the accident.

Local police are investigating that the puncture of the bus tires led to an accident.

Source: nhk

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