A passerby sounded alarm about the people in the water early Monday night. The first police patrol who came to the scene swam out in the icy water and got the woman and children on land, reports Norwegian media.

All four were lifeless, received first aid and then taken to hospital. One of the children, a preschool girl, has died of her injuries.

The children under ten

The woman is in her 20s and the other two girls are under ten years old, reports the World Gang. For them, the conditions are described as life-threatening and the children will be transferred to hospitals in Oslo during the night.

It is unclear how the woman and the children ended up in the cold sea. At the beach there were boots, among other things.

"The alarm claimed that they had seen a stroller and that there were tracks down to the water," said Police Chief Anita Hermandsen at a press conference.

- At this stage we cannot say whether an offense has been committed, an accident or what has happened.

It is also unknown exactly how long they were in the water. A witness tells Nordlys magazine that she saw the stroller on the spot already an hour before the police were alerted.

Calls for witnesses

According to the hospital, all four are foreign nationals.

In connection with the first alarm situation, divers, boats and helicopters searched the water to see if more people could be present. The effort ended at 20, with no more found, writes VG.

Tromsø Municipality has established a special emergency preparedness and the police are looking for witnesses to be able to create a picture of what happened.