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This donor conference is held under the auspices of the World Bank and brings together, in addition to institutional partners, private investors. The aim is to seduce these investors for various structuring projects in the Comoros.

The Comoros is what diplomats modestly call a " vulnerable economy " with 760,000 inhabitants spread over an archipelago that has never been able to ensure its development. Delays in all areas, energy, health, education, a very low per capita income, a third of children suffering from malnutrition, according to a statistic dating from 2012.

Houmed Msaidié, Comorian Minister of the Economy

02-12-2019 - By Olivier Rogez

The country exports little, mainly agricultural products: cloves, vanilla and ylang-ylang. Without the budget support of its partners and money transfers from the huge diaspora, Moroni would be almost permanently bankrupt. In addition, a bloated and ineffective administration, as well as a business climate deleterious because of corruption.

Major works program

Not enough to make investors jump, but President Assoumani Azali wants to change things. After restoring electricity coverage, in 2016 the country was plunged into the dark, he made develop with the help of UNDP and the World Bank a set of major projects, intended to make the Union of the Comoros a country emerge in a decade.

Still, the Comorian leaders are aware of the difficulties. The Minister of the Economy promises to work to improve the business climate and the attractiveness of the country. In this respect, he is attentive to investors and does not exclude the creation of a free zone.

■ The opposition denounces a " conference that is not credible "

To seduce the investors, the president Assoumani Azali did not skimp on the means with more than one million euros spent for the displacement of the highest authorities of the country and the expenses of organization with great pomp of the event. Opposition cries out for mismanagement.

There will be no money in return. There will be nothing but false promises.

Ibrahim Abdourazak Razida, spokesman for the Comorian opposition

02-12-2019 - By Anziza M'Changama

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