The police arrested a nine-year-old child on Sunday evening because he was walking around with a Molotov cocktail in the Duindorp district of The Hague, as confirmed on Monday to Together with more than ten other order disruptors, he was arrested.

A group of people had barricaded the road on Sunday evening, started fires and destroyed vehicles. To protect the fire brigade, the Mobile Unit (ME) was eventually deployed.

"It is unacceptable for the residents of Duindorp to be exposed to these kinds of disturbances and for destruction to be carried out on this scale. This also applies to obstructing emergency services, including the use of 'crow's feet' and the erection of barricades," let acting mayor Johan Remkes know.

According to Remkes, agreements have been made with the enforcement and aid organization to "act in close consultation and act to deal with this lawlessness".

The suspects were arrested on suspicion of committing open violence, destruction and wantonness. They are all free again, but will soon have to answer for themselves.

"In the meantime, they have also been sent back. They will soon be able to answer for their actions," says a police spokesperson.

Probably no bonfires this year

The neighborhood has been uneasy since the municipality reported last week that there will probably be no bonfires this year. According to the municipality, a professional organization is lacking.

The organization of the bonfire in Duindorp decided to pull the plug.