“Meeting to see cherry blossoms” Opposition party pursuit headquarters investigation of Prime Minister Abe's local area December 1 19:19

A member of the opposition party headquarters visited Yamaguchi Prefecture for a survey on the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party”. Emphasized the attitude to continue.

Members of the opposition party's pursuit headquarters are visiting Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, for the investigation for a period of one to two days.

The Constitutional Democratic Party's deputy chairman of the Kuroiwa National Assembly, who serves as the secretary general, told reporters on the afternoon of the afternoon. It may be a painful place. "

In addition, Mr. Kuroiwa said, “Towards the end of the Diet session, we will continue to ask questions of each committee, including the Aso House of Councilors' plenary session. I would like to confirm the facts in the Diet in search of it, ”emphasizing the attitude to continue pursuing.