Global conductor Jansons died December 2, 4:09

Global conductor Maris Jansons, who served as the principal conductor of a prestigious orchestra in Europe and performed frequently in Japan, died at his home in Russia on November 30th. I was 76 years old.

Jansson was born in 1943 in Riga, the capital of the former Soviet Latvia. When he was a teenager, he moved to Leningrad, now St. Petersburg, where he studied music.

Debuted as a conductor in the early 70s, became the principal conductor of several prestigious orchestras in Europe, including the German Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, and served three times at the New Year Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It was.

In 2004, he performed frequently in Japan, including performing at the NHK Music Festival.

The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra made a statement on the 1st, saying, “I will never forget the attitude of valuing my friends and giving everything to the music”.

According to the orchestra, Jansons died at his home in St. Petersburg on November 30th.
I was 76 years old.