- It's kind of like collecting stamps. You have to decide what is important to concentrate on. What appealed to me about Miró was his clear colors, says Nils Tryding.

He worked as a laboratory doctor and traveled around the world. In 1958, Nils was in Paris and saw a painting by Joan Miró at the Unesco House. Then he decided to buy his first poster from a local art gallery.

- They noticed that I was an unusual customer. I only bought SEK 50 posters while the other collectors bought oil paintings for millions of kronor, says Nils Tryding.

Invited to Miró's birthdays

Several decades later, he had collected a total of 154 original posters by the artist. He was also invited to Joan Miró's 80th birthday and went down to Palma for ten years to celebrate his upcoming birthdays.

- It was one of life's great events to meet the person you admire. We got a natural contact, he considered me a representative of the people. He was as small as I was, so we had good eye contact, says Nils Tryding.

Donated everything

He donated the collection to Kristianstad municipality in two installments, in 2003 and in 2012. In addition to the posters, there are also letters written by Miró directly to Tryding.

- I thought that if I donate the collection to the municipality, the school children will have an opportunity to look at it, says Nils Tryding.

How much is the collection worth?

- You have talked about millions of kronor, but how many I do not want to put in, says Nils Tryding.

Hear Nils tell me about Miró in the feature above.