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  • Crowd of "sardines" in Modena


30 November 2019

Over 15,000 sardines from all over Tuscany, this afternoon in Florence, have filled the central Piazza della Repubblica and the surrounding streets. The event, organized by the young Matilde Sparacino, Danilo Maglio and Cristiano Atticciati, was announced on the occasion of the arrival of the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini in the city for an electoral dinner in view of the regional elections next spring.

It is not the first time that the secretary of the Northern League receives an unfriendly welcome in the Tuscan capital. In fact, last April, in Piazza dei Tigli, in the Isolotto district, on the occasion of the official presentation of the candidate for mayor for the center, Ubaldo Bocci, at the windows and balconies of the buildings surrounding the square, sheets appeared for the first time and banners against Salvini, then Interior Minister, and his immigration policies. In the following days, banners appeared on the windows against the League and its leader wherever Salvini held a meeting. And always during the administrative elections last spring, in Florence, right in Piazza della Repubblica, thousands of people gathered to protest against the League secretary who had to close the Florentine election campaign in the nearby Piazza Strozzi: on that occasion they also registered moments of tension between the demonstrators and the police.

Demonstrators of all ages sing "Bella ciao"
The climate is different this afternoon: protesters of all ages, with the slogan "Tuscany is not tied", have sung "Bella ciao", making it resound even in the neighboring shopping streets, arousing the curiosity of many tourists. A movement that, despite the risk of exploitation, remains non-party. "There are those who want to put on their hats - commented Danilo Maglio, one of the Florentine organizers - but I have long hair and the hat bothers me. They have affiliated us to any existing party. Yesterday Power to the people made a statement against us, damaging our image, but we do not respond to provocations, the figure of the sardine is evocative because it does not respond to provocations.