Place of the avalanche

  • Slavina on the Mont Blanc, two skiers died. Detachment at Punta Helbronner, at 3000 meters of altitude


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 30 November 2019The accident on Mont Blanc, which occurred in the morning, caused the death of two Italian skiers, Edoardo Camardella and Luca Martini, overwhelmed by an avalanche in Valle d'Aosta, under Punta Helbronner, near Courmayeur , at 3 thousand meters of altitude.

The two skiers were experts on the mountain: Edoardo Camardella, was 28 years old and was a ski instructor from La Thuile (Aosta) while Luca Martini, was 32 years old and was originally from Finale Ligure (Savona).

The two were busy, together with three other friends who were saved, in an off-piste descent below the arrival station of the SkyWay cable car of the Mont Blanc, in a very steep and challenging mountain canal in the province of Aosta and were traveling by free riders of unmarked fresh snow tracks.

The avalanche dragged them and made them fall 300 meters downstream.

The Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue immediately intervened on the spot, which after a few hours extracted the two lifeless bodies from the landslide. Several Sap technicians worked on the ground with overland and two helicopters, dogs and rescuers of the Sagf. Rescue operations, started shortly after 10, ended shortly before 12.30.

To give the news of the detachment, 500 meters from the arrival of the cable car, it would have been a skier who witnessed the tragic accident. According to some eyewitnesses, a second avalanche fell a few minutes after the first fatal avalanche for the two young men. None of those present on the Valle d'Aosta slopes were involved in the avalanches.

In Valle d'Aosta today the avalanche risk, on a scale from 1 to 5, was level 3 for the Arpa bulletin, a rather risky level and considered "marked" due to the still mild temperatures for the pre-winter season.

Courmayeur mayor condolences avalanche victims
The mayor of Courmayeur, Stefano Miserocchi, expressed "his own condolences and that of the community of Courmayeur for the tragic accident that involved the two young Edoardo Camardella, of La Thuile and Luca Martini, of Finale Ligure victims of the avalanche that broke away in Punta Helbronner ". On behalf of the community of Courmayeur, the mayor expressed his closeness to the families of the victims, the community of La Thuile and the association of ski instructors in the Aosta Valley. '' The mountain is a sensitive, wonderful and sometimes treacherous place like in the sad story of today - commented Miserocchi - The two young people were passionate and knowledgeable of the mountain, a mountain that today showed its hardest face ''.