At home, adults live with different functional variations, and the staff must, among other things, limit their freedom of movement and take their personal belongings - without being entitled to it.

The inmates have been held and placed on the floor with coercion. There are also individual examples where one resident was not allowed to have his or her mobile phone, another was forced into his room and a third was banned from drinking coffee.

According to the law, such coercive measures may not be taken against the will of the inmate without the consent, an agreement to be documented. But when the IVO requested these consents, there was only one.

Must be adapted to the needs of individuals

IVO also points out that it is important that the privacy of the individual is respected and that the efforts on this type of accommodation must be adapted to the needs of the individuals.

The HVB home will now develop a clearer system for documenting the residents' consent to various restrictions. In addition, the home will have the chance to respond to IVO's views until January next year.