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The armed forces carried out an operation to dismantle a terrorist group operating in Nahouri province in the Central-South region, according to the General Staff. Six terrorists were neutralized during the night from Thursday to Friday, including an actively wanted terrorist leader, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

It is on the basis of precise information that the operation was conducted by the Burkinabe armed forces. Tracked for several days, it is finally in the early morning of Thursday to Friday, November 29 that terrorists are neutralized. This group was operating in Nahouri Province in South Central.

Among them is one of the lieutenants of Malam Dicko, the head of Ansarul Islam , with whom he has been connected since 2012. He is a fifty-year-old nicknamed Abdoul Hadi. It was he who offered shelter and shelter to some executives of Ansarul on the Burkinabe territory.

Thanks to his care, Ansarul had managed to install this dormant cell in the South-Central region. For lack of weapons and means, it was only at least from October 2019 that she began to carry out missions, according to our sources.

Two other wanted terrorists who operated with him were also neutralized. This group, according to our information, was affiliated with katiba Macina . They had ambushed the Burkinabè defense and security forces in Nahouri province a few months ago.

This operation allowed the armed forces to recover a large batch of weapons, ammunition, as well as motorcycles, according to the staff of the armies.

Press release issued by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Burkina Faso, 29 November 2019. © EMGA

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