• Istat: Italy GDP, third quarter + 0.1%: annual + 0.3%
  • Istat, industrial production in September fell by 2.1% on an annual basis


November 29, 2019To October, on an annual basis, employment grew by 0.9%, equal to +217 thousand units. According to Istat, according to which in the month the estimate of employed persons rises by 0.2%, equal to +46 thousand units compared to September. The employment rate rises to 59.2% (+0.1 percentage points). Growth during the year was driven by employees (+231 thousand overall) and in particular by permanent staff (+181 thousand), while the number of independents fell (-15 thousand).

Istat points out that in the last month the employment is increasing for both gender components; grows among the over 35s (+49 thousand), falls slightly among the 25-34 year-olds and is stable among the under 25. At a monthly level, the increase in employment is due to the growth of the independents (+38 thousand) and of the employees at term (+6 thousand) while permanent employees are substantially stable.

In October, the unemployment rate drops to 9.7%
Employment seekers are down (-1.7%, or -44 thousand units in the last month). The unemployment trend is a summary of a marked decline for men (-3.9%, equal to -52 thousand units) and a slight increase among women (+ 0.7%, equal to +8 thousand units) ), and involves all age groups except those over the age of fifty. On an annual basis, the expansion concerns both women and men and all age groups except for the 35-49 age group. Net of the demographic component, the change is positive for all age groups.

In the August-October quarter, overall employment was substantially stable compared to the previous quarter, with a slight increase in the female component. In the same period, fixed-term employees increased (+ 1.2%, +38 thousand) and the number of permanent employees remained stable, while the number of independent employees fell (-0.7%, -40 thousand); there are positive signs for 25-34 year olds and for those over 50, negative in the other classes. In addition to the employed, the number of inactive people between the ages of 15 and 64 was also stable in the quarter, while people in search of employment fell (-1.9%, equal to -50,000).

"After the employment growth recorded in the first half of the year and the peak reached in June - the institute comments - starting from July the trend is up and down, and in October it returns to the maximum level registered four months before, with an increase compared to September, due in particular to the growth of self-employed workers, at the same time there is a decrease in unemployment and an increase in inactivity.In the quarterly comparison, employment is stable while during the year it continues to grow ".