Hong Kong Administration Secretary “Guarantees that“ One Country Two Systems ”Will Be Strong” November 29, 19:52

The Hong Kong government's top secretary, Moon Moon Rin, met for the first time after the “Hong Kong Human Rights Act” was enacted in the US Hong Kong's society stresses that it has not changed, and the background seems to have the aim of dispelling overseas concerns.

The head of the Hong Kong government, Secretary General of the Moon, Tsuen Wan, visited the capital Bangkok on 29th to discuss economic cooperation with Thailand, and held a press conference after meeting with the Thai deputy prime minister.

This is the first time since the establishment of the “Hong Kong Human Rights Law” that supports the establishment of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong in the United States. I would like to guarantee that the basic conditions of Hong Kong remain strong, ”and stressed that there is no change to the“ one country and two systems ”that recognize Hong Kong's high autonomy.

On that basis, he appealed to promote investment with Thailand and strengthen economic cooperation.

Also, as the turmoil continues in Hong Kong, “We are listening to people to solve Hong Kong ’s deep roots through dialogue. I ’m confident that Hong Kong will recover as it has been,” he said. This indicates that they are working to solve the problem, and it seems that there is a reason to dispel concerns from overseas.