“With the launch of Nord Stream 2, we can expect that there will be no transit through Ukraine. And Germany should understand that it thus contributes to the economic strangulation of Ukraine, ”he warned.

According to him, a change in the direction of gas supplies may lead to the cessation of regular transit.

“The entire Ukrainian and East European gas market was formed on the expectation that gas would go from east to west. And such a radical change - now gas must go from west to east ... this is a threat to the stability of supplies in the region, ”Vitrenko explained.

He also expressed the opinion that the decision to “bypass Ukraine” with the help of the Nord Stream-2 and Turkish Stream energy projects was justified by political reasons.

Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Yelena Zerkal called possible US sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 project an additional tool in negotiations on gas transit from Russia.