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Image of the explosion of a chemical plant in Port Neches from a video broadcast on social networks, November 27, 2019. Casey Porter

The rescue ordered the evacuation of the surrounding areas after the huge explosion that hit a petrochemical plant in Port Neches.

The videos and photos posted on social networks are spectacular. They show a huge fireball in the night and you can sometimes hear a huge explosion.

" Please note that everyone must evacuate the area within half a mile [800 meters] of the Port Neches TPC plant ," local firefighters wrote on their Facebook page.

The explosion occurred around 1 am (7 am UT) in the morning at a petrochemical plant located 135 kilometers from Houston, Texas. According to a statement from TPC, the operator of the plant that produces butadiene, a flammable gas, the incident hit a " processing unit ".

" The TPC group has activated its emergency preparedness plan and has called for firefighters from Port Neches and Huntsman, " the petrochemical group said.

The staff was completely evacuated. The three wounded were taken care of. At the end of the night, the fire was still not extinguished.

(with AFP)