On Wednesday afternoon, travelers were detained for 2.5 hours in a train between Alphen aan den Rijn and Bodegraven because of a defective overhead line. The same happened to travelers in a train at Woerden. They were detained for a hundred minutes. That's what a ProRail spokesperson says. No trains run between Utrecht and Leiden until at least 8 p.m.

The Dutch Railways have used buses on the route. The NS nevertheless advises travelers to travel via Schiphol. People are therefore on the road for about half an hour longer.

Both stranded trains have since been towed away. According to the spokesperson, it was not possible to get people out of the train because of the location of the trains. For example, the train stopped at Alphen between two wide locks.

For safety's sake, ProRail decided to tow the trains to the nearest station. To do this, in both cases a separate locomotive had to be installed, which was linked to the train.

There were about 130 people on the train at Alphen. The train at Woerden involved 120 victims. They have continued their journey in a different way.

@NS_online we have been standing still by train for almost 3 hours on the Woerden - Alphen aan de Rijn route. To top it all, all toilets are out of use and people have nowhere to go for the last 3 hours. Compensation was sought, but nothing was found. What's up with that?

Avatar AuthorAkkieplukkiefurMoment of places13: 59 - 27 November 2019


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