The parliament session ends in two weeks The ruling party aims to establish a bill The opposition party pursues “sakura” November 27 12:16


While the current session of the National Diet is less than two weeks away, the ruling party confirmed its policy to make sure that Japan-US trade agreements were approved and that the remaining bill was passed. On the other hand, the opposition parties agreed to pursue the suspicion that anti-social forces had participated in the “Meeting of Cherry Blossoms”.

With the end of the current Diet session on the 9th of next month, the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komei Party and the Chairman of the Diet will meet in the morning of Tokyo on the 27th to approve new trade agreements between the United States and Japan. We confirmed the policy to make every effort to enact the proposed amendments to the law to promote work style reform for teachers at public schools.

Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Moriyama National Assembly, told reporters, "I don't think about extending the session. It's all about trying to make a bill during the session."

On the other hand, the opposition party talks with the chairman of the Diet, and promotes the elucidation of the fact that there is a suspicion that people who are considered to be anti-social forces participated in the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister At the same time, they agreed to pursue Prime Minister Abe's request for explanation at the Diet.

The Constitutional Democratic Party's chairman of the National Assembly for Azumi said to the reporters, “I can't overlook that people from anti-social forces come to a party that uses taxes and eat and drink. "If it was true that we took a picture together, it was a problem with advancement and retreat."