Leticia Sabater presents her new Christmas hit 'Trínchame el turvo' ASSIGNED BY LETICIA SABATER

"It has a 'spicy' touch: neither the ñoñeces of 'The fish in the river' nor the 'pasote' of 'El polvorrón'"

Leticia Sabater: "I was born half dead and suffered 'bullying', but that made me very strong"

Madrid singer and former presenter Leticia Sabater has become a 'trending topic' with the presentation of her new Christmas carol, which bears the loud name of 'Trínchame el turvo' and in which she appears alongside Donald Trump, Beyoncé and Maluma.

In this way, he continues chaining songs that baffle the listener both by his lyrics, his interpretation or his visual apparatus, such as 'La salchipapa' or his previous Christmas carol, 'El polvorrón'. "Everything has happened to me, I am a mine," explains Sabater herself to LOC.

"Last year the Mama Noel roll was very exploited," says the singer. "So this one I did many laps and it occurred to me to talk about the 'official' food of these dates, although in Spain it is not so popular."

"It has a spicy touch, but not as much as 'El polvorrón', because I want everyone to see it. It's lighter," he says. "That is to say, it has neither the ñoñeces of 'The fish in the river' nor the 'pasote' of 'El polvorrón'. For corporate parties it is perfect, 'he says.

As for the Trump costume he wears, he also has an explanation. "In the carols it is said 'arre borriquito'. Well, the little borriquito is him." From the president of the US he has an opinion: "I liked him until he stopped liking me, by the wall".

And although he says that there are many "hidden" contents that he will unveil this Wednesday in an email, he drops some details. "The last dinner comes out in a very funny moment, with Jesus and Judas." He also indicates that it is the first time he has worked with José Marín, "who worked with C. Tangana" . And it also highlights that the video contains "many color effects, such as Ed Sheeran video clips."

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